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How to Improve Production and Workflow Management with Web to Print

No matter which area of the print industry you’re focusing on, production/workflow management is one of the most challenging aspects of the job. In order to move projects along steadily, it requires a lot of communication, coordination (and in our case, amazing technology).

What Web to Print Shop Has to Offer

W2P Shop‘s intuitive system is loaded with technology that makes project management and project workflows a breeze. Our proprietary order management system allows you to keep track of print orders as they come in, and at every stage of the print job. Using a customized assembly line, employees are able to streamline the entire production process, making it less labour-intensive, more technology-driven, and with fewer margins for human error.

How It Works

As the job moves from station to station, authorized employees at each stage are able to complete the task, report the job’s status, and seamlessly move it along to the next phase. Our customized assembly line considers:

Order Management

Upon intake, W2P Shop merges print orders from multiple sources, such as FTP, print drivers, web to print storefronts, etc. allowing you to easily receive and process them without having to troubleshoot. Our technology can also be set up to retrieve files and orders based on specific work schedules, automatically connecting to your web to print storefronts and other job sources. 


Once connected, our web to print system allows you to set scheduling based on the parameters of your choosing. This ensures that more urgent orders are given a higher priority, while others are moved down the chain based on your needs. Pending orders, as well as those that have already been processed, are readily listed and can be reviewed at any time. To help easily allocate tasks, they are automatically placed into local network folders. 


The orders can now be filtered based on the types of production required. Everything from printing to binding, die-cutting, and laminating would be categorized at this stage. Additionally, the system filters orders by file type, equipment used, or any other product attributes (such as the type of stock required, colour vs. black and white, etc.).

Ticketing and Tracking

When introduced into the W2P Shop system, all files will be timestamped and will come with download dates to help simplify tracking. In case of outages or unstable network connections, W2P’s “smart ticketing system” will continue to work whether it’s online or off. This means employees are able to scan the job ticket, without leaving their workstation. Once scanned, the order is then instantly updated online. As far as the project managers are concerned, they are also able to update the system directly, without needing to print a ticket or leave their desk.

On top of all this, W2P Shop easily integrates with all computer systems, meaning there’s no need for any specialized technology when working with Web to Print.

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