Stories From Satisfied W2P Shop Customers

Doing business with W2P Shop has been a great experience. Their products and solutions are excellent and the personal service and professionalism from Reuben and his team has been outstanding.

Lillian Roberts
President of Think Print

W2P Shop allows us to accept jobs at any time of the day. For example, if a customer is traveling and needs to print an urgent job, they can find the nearest location and click on the file upload button without having to contact someone for a username and password. We received a lot of very positive feedback from all of the franchise locations. The solution is very easy to use for our customers, which is essential.

Andy Law
IT Manager of KwikKopy

Web to Print Shop has introduced a simple Web to Print solution to help Print Service Providers take advantage of e-business without the hassle of complicated workflows, confusing IT integration, and expensive implementation. The W2P Shop web-based tool is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that allows Print Service Providers to use the Internet to enhance overall profitability.


You guys have been absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t have wished for a better system and the way you have helped this move forward. I appreciate everything so much and look forward to a lengthy relationship.

Just Personalised Prints Ltd

You guys have done a fantastic job. Thank you! We were looking at 3 companies that do the same thing as W2P Shop before we chose you. The best thing we did was choose W2P Shop. Thanks again for all that you have done.

Ken Fair
IT Manager of Momentum Marketing Solutions

Things are going great. You people are very helpful. We have one site that has been running and receiving orders. I still have two more sites on our current platform to move over, but overall I would say everything has been a success and I feel we made a great decision.

Blanche Brantley
MLI Marketing Solutions

We have used hundreds of plugins for WordPress and other CRM systems, and while there are notable leaders, most plugins suffer from two deficiencies. First, where a poorly laid out user interface, either public or admin, causes clients and/or developers great frustration when using the plugin, and; second, lackluster support. The latter limitation makes the former even more unbearable.

With the uDraw plugin system and the Racadtech team, both aspects are well handled. The plugin is thoughtfully designed and very flexible, and where there is a problem with it, the support team steps in with top-notch service.

Thank you Racadtech.

GetOn Marketing

Web to Print Shop has an amazing team of engineers you won’t find anywhere else. They’re dedicated to creating a quality product that works and their communication is impeccable. We talked through many of our design challenges together to brainstorm lasting solutions….I feel completely in control of my product. I’m not dependent on the software team to implement new products for me and I don’t feel locked in to their system. This allows me to launch new products and features quickly! I can also tailor the UI exactly to my brand, creating an entirely seamless transition between product pages to designer to checkout.

Lindsey Wilson
Mr. Scratch Off

Web to Print Shop offers state of the art features at a fraction of the cost of the established players in the space. Their team is professional and service-oriented. We came across Web to Print Shop in a situation where our incumbent provider was unable to, or maybe unwilling, to work with us on a custom solution for a major project. Enter Web to Print Shop, who not only had out-of-the-box functionality, but they were enthusiastic in helping us secure the business. Needless to say, our decision to switch was an easy one and we are thrilled with our choice.

Dhara T.

From the ease of dealing with the company, to installation and training, and finally administrator usage, the software has been fantastic in accommodating all of my needs. Whenever having any questions, the customer support is probably one of the best interactions I have in all my B2B interactions. Even with the time difference I still can get the answers and help I need in prompt manner.

Jack L.
Flecta Print

Excellent development support and teaching! Sales staff always check in and assist where needed. All round, the company has and still is going above and beyond to create a lasting partnership. They are understanding and it feels like you are dealing with other human being and not a corporate entity that does not care about my budget or needs.

Third Story

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