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5 Unique Promotional Product Ideas Using Web to Print

Even in the absence of events and trade shows, promotional products are still a great value-add for clients, employees, distributors, and partners. In fact, if you’re looking to expand your eCommerce business, now is a great time to get into retailing or wholesaling web to print promotional products online. Aside from the usual stickers and notepads, below are a few items you may want to consider adding to your inventory.

  1. WFH office supplies

These days, let your customers know you will do whatever it takes to make their living spaces a more flexible environment to work from during the day. And while many have transferred their office supplies to home, there’s still lots of room for improvement when it comes to making their home offices as easy to work from as the ones they used to travel to. As a promotional product idea, let them know they can stock up on ergonomic mouse pads, branded notebooks, high-quality pens, or other office supplies that are bound to be in high demand with those looking to give practical gifts (using our W2P plugins for promotional products.)

  1. Personalized touch tools

Outside the home office, the world is still a place full of high-touch surfaces we’ve all learned to avoid. And while touch tools weren’t prominent up until a year ago, they’re now growing in popularity. Great for everyday necessities like pushing buttons in the elevator or opening public doors, they also make amazing web to print promotional gifts. Super-compact, they’re easy to brand and ship, and won’t take up much space in your warehouse.

  1. Branded laptop cases

As your clients slowly ease back into a more flexible work environment, many will find themselves going back and forth between the office and their homes. Why not be a part of that journey by offering branded laptop cases. They’re bound to be a best-seller throughout the year and during the holiday season.

  1. Webcam stickers

Much like the personalized touch tool, this is another nifty and compact item that many online resellers may not have thought about retailing. Easy to brand, they’ll help your clients get in front of their giftees’ eyeballs by sticking directly to their laptops or computers they’ll be looking at during the workday.

  1. Custom headphones/earbuds

Especially for those that are living with roommates (specifically, little ones that like to make noise during important meetings), there’s no better gift than the peace of mind provided by headphones or earbuds. Help your clients give this gift by marketing these branded items through your web to print portal!

Looking to include these products and more to your online promotional product shop? Contact Web to Print Shop to get started!