Web to print solutions by Web to Print Shop have helped improve workflows and create efficiencies for hundreds of companies across all areas of print. From commercial printers to warehouses, everybody can benefit from the value web to print brings.

Pick and choose, plug-and-play. We’ll help you figure out the best way to apply our web to print technology to your shop.

Websites for Printers

With a full team of in-house web developers on hand, we have the capabilities and experience to create stunning custom websites for printers. Designed to integrate seamlessly with our web to print software, our websites are a perfect marriage between beautiful design and functionality.

Web to Print Shop offers:

  • Websites made for printing companies or trade printers
  • A range of web to print website templates to choose from
  • Optional custom CSS websites
  • Beautiful B2B or B2C web to print storefronts
  • Unlimited client portals with your choice of layouts, skins, and borders
  • The ability to modify products, design templates, and price according to corporate specifications
  • Available web to print WordPress plugin or web to print WooCommerce plugin
  • Optional web to print plugins, features, add-ons, and enhancements for your printer website

Premium Support / Web Hosting

Racad Tech’s web to print servers are located within high-performance networks that connect directly to all major Internet backbones. With multiple connections, internet traffic is automatically routed around network outages to ensure that our servers always have the fastest response times available. Our industry-leading service ensures a high level of power and network availability. Key services are backed with guarantees for installation times, as well as speedy problem identification and response.

As many satisfied customers have stated, W2P Shop’s premium support is truly second-to-none. This feature, which comes standard with Web to Print Shop’s web hosting, or as an extra add-on for those that choose to host independently, grants users access to comprehensive technical support. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that our team of technicians will do their best to quickly resolve any issues that may emerge, ensuring that your web to print software is running smoothly in no time.

Dynamic Pricing Matrix

Dynamic pricing is one of the most challenging aspects of any web to print solution. No matter what area of the print industry you’re involved in, your pricing needs to be both competitive and flexible. Web to Print Shop’s centralized pricing matrix is an intuitive calculator that is part of web to print’s comprehensive online print ordering system. The calculator takes various aspects, such as material type, size, volume discounts, international currencies, and shipping, into account. The tool is designed to provide customers with an instant quote, offering them on-the-spot web to print pricing that fits into the modern eCommerce landscape. It is centralized within the platform so that prices only need to be set up once, and then all future published products are easier to add.

W2P Shop eCommerce Solutions

Our web to print technology is perfect for both B2C and B2B web to print eCommerce solutions. Our e-commerce portals allow your print shop to offer convenient online printing to individual customers or businesses. Using our intuitive storefronts, your customers can create, edit, and print their documents by adding them to the shopping cart.

Web to Print Ecommerce Features:

  • Upload pre-designed templates for customers to purchase
  • Offer customers the ability to create, edit, and upload their own files and store templates
  • Add a library of images and fonts for your customers to use in their designs
  • In-browser design tools and graphics editing capabilities
  • Attach checkout to any of the 60 compatible payment gateways
  • Store documents, record order history, and other information about customers and their preferences through secure account logins
  • Scaled pricing options and discount/coupon codes available
  • Easy setup options, including web-to-print plugins, that can be integrated into your existing site

FTP / Job Routing & Print Drivers

Web to Print Shop makes job routing effortless, offering users a multitude of options for receiving, managing and sending orders. Whether you prefer to manage your orders through email, sync with your FTP server of choice or connect with a variety of print drivers (including PDF Conversion), W2P Shop has the technology you need to get the job done.

PDF Forms / Rule-Based Editor

W2P Shop’s PDF forms and rule-based editor are perfect for B2B or corporate clients. With web to print, you make your own rules, and we program the system to follow them. Whether you need to adhere to a strict set of corporate specifications, or you simply want to limit the available design options within a certain framework, you and your customers will easily be able to achieve the desired look.

Our PDF Forms/Rule-Based Editor:

  • Comes with a branded PDF print driver, PDF conversion engine, and embedded PDF viewer (that does not need to be downloaded)
  • Eliminates file transfer issues such as missing fonts, images, and unsupported file types
  • Includes drag-and-drop capabilities, even for large files
  • Offers customers quick previews and fast turnaround times

Flexible Editor

Commonly used by B2C web to print storefronts, Web to Print Shop has a variety of easy-to-use flexible editors available. Allow your customers to express themselves creatively by taking away the rules and boundaries confining their designs. With our flexible HTML5 web to print designer/editor, customers can easily upload their own artwork (or choose from a stock image library) and apply any font, layout, colour, style, and design they wish.

XMPie / InDesign

W2P Shop offers its customers the unique ability to integrate with two of the most powerful global platforms in the industry: Xerox’s XMPie and Adobe InDesign. Ask us about this optional integration, which allows you to add complex rules, graphic layering, text layering, InDesign special effects, complex customized VDP jobs, and so much more!

Stations, Production & Workflow Management

W2P Shop’s intuitive system is loaded with technology that makes project management and project workflows a breeze. Our proprietary order management system allows you to keep track of print orders as they come in, and at every stage of the print job. Using customized assembly, employees are able to streamline the entire production process, making it less labour-intensive, more technology-driven and with fewer margins for human error.

As the job moves from station to station, authorized employees at each stage are able to complete the task, report the jobs’ status, and seamlessly move it along to the next stage.

Our Customized Assembly Line:

  • Can merge print orders from multiple sources (i.e. FTP, print drivers, web to print storefronts, etc.)
  • Can be set up to retrieve files and orders based on a specific work schedule
  • Automatically connects to your web to print storefronts and other job sources, downloading and scheduling print jobs
  • Allows you to set scheduling based on parameters of your choosing, ensuring that more urgent orders are given priority
  • Automatically places orders into local network folders
  • Filters orders based on types of production required (i.e. printing, binding, die-cut, laminating, etc.)
  • Filters orders by file type, equipment used, or other product attributes (such as the type of stock required, colour versus black and white, etc.)
  • Includes download dates and timestamps on all files, to ensure simple tracking
  • Features a smart ticketing system that works online and off
  • Employees to scan the job ticket offline, instantly updating it online without ever having to leave their work station
  • Project managers can update the system directly, without needing to print a ticket or leave their desk
  • Lists pending orders, and those that have been processed
  • Integrates with all computer systems

The best way to discover our extensive web to print technology is to experience it for yourself.