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How to Choose the Best Web to Print Editor

So you’ve decided on a Web to Print software provider and are ready to integrate web to print technology into your business model – but when presented with what that editor can do, you find yourself limited. W2P SHOP solutions by Racad Tech aggregate various editors to circumvent the limitations of any single editor. With the long list of editors available to you, you might need a little direction.

Deciding on the right web to print editor for your website can seem like a difficult task, but once we break it down, we guarantee it’ll be a breeze!

What Is a Web to Print Editor?

Web to print editors are a variety of tools that help customers create and preview their designs online before sending them to a printer. Whether they’re designing a t-shirt, flag, banner, mug, or any other product, it’s essentially a way for them to instantly customize it to their specifications without having to enlist the help of a graphic designer.

Below are several examples.

Rule-Based Editors

Perfect for: B2B Businesses/ Corporations

With W2P Shop’s PDF forms or rule-based editor, you make your own rules, and we program the system to follow them. Whether you need to adhere to a strict set of corporate specifications, or you simply want to limit the available design options within a certain framework, you and your customers will easily be able to achieve the desired look. 

Our PDF Forms/Rule-Based Editor:

  • Comes with a branded PDF print driver, PDF conversion engine, and embedded PDF viewer (that does not need to be downloaded)
  • Eliminates file transfer issues such as missing fonts, images, and unsupported file types
  • Includes drag-and-drop capabilities, even for large files
  • Offers customers quick previews and fast turnaround times

Flexible Editors

Perfect for: B2C Businesses

Web to Print Shop integrates the uDRAW editor which is a combination of HTML5 and SVG for flexible editing. The uDRAW editor allows your customers to express themselves creatively by taking away the rules and boundaries confining their designs. With our flexible HTML5 web to print designer/editor, for example, customers can easily:

  • Upload their own artwork 
  • Choose from a stock image library
  • Apply any font, layout, colour, style, and design changes they wish

XMPie / InDesign Integration

Perfect for: Corporations, Graphic Designers, Larger B2B/B2C Businesses

If you’re looking for a more advanced solution that neatly integrates with your existing systems (or layers on new ones!), W2P Shop works with two of the most powerful global platforms in the industry, Xerox’s XMPie and Adobe InDesign. This optional integration allows customers to add:

  • Complex rules
  • Graphic layering
  • Text layering
  • InDesign special effects
  • Complex customized VDP jobs

Although there’s a lot more to it, we hope this quick intro to web to print editors helps make your decision an easier one! Of course, we would love to chat with you in more detail and help you choose the right fit.
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