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Racad Tech Announces New Web To Print Shop Tool For Wide Format Printing: Introducing Online Sign Studio

Online Sign Studio is a new wide format web-to-print technology under the Web To Print Shop umbrella. Combining graphic design tools with wide format web-to-print, Online Sign Studio makes it simple for customers to create custom signs, banners, posters, and other wide format products. Once designs are approved by clients and finalized, Online Sign Studio’s advanced technology sends the files to be produced and shipped.

Online Sign Studio accommodates an endless variety of wide format products by utilizing a configurable canvas design engine – this allows customers to create products of any size or shape. This capability is combined with a configurable shopping cart and checkout functionality, added to any existing website using a plug-in. Online Sign Studio’s unique combination of advanced ordering technology, graphic design capabilities and web-to-print technology make it a standout for wide format web-to-print.

Online Sign Studio serves companies or entrepreneurs looking to efficiently produce marketing pieces for their business. Through the web, Online Sign Studio allows clients to make professional signs, posters, adhesive wraps, lawn signs, and other wide format products branded for their business. If they do not want to create their own unique designs, they may also opt to use a pre-designed template.

Online Sign Studio will soon be available as a cloud-hosted printing storefront or as an enterprise solution.

At the upcoming CONSAC Nation Sign and Graphics Trade Show this September 25 & 26, 2015, Online Sign Studio will be demoed. Visit Racad at the Web to Print Shop booth to learn what Online Sign Studio has to offer your business.

Racad Tech

Racad Tech produces advanced web-to-print solutions affordably. Racad is committed to innovation and generating user-optimized web applications for a diverse client base. With over a decade of industry experience and many solutions under their belt, Racad maintains its status as a leading developer of web development software for printers.

Online Sign Studio

Online Sign Studio is a web-to-print solution that specializes in wide format solutions. Online Sign Studio combines state-of-the-art ordering and printing technology with graphic design capabilities, for the ultimate wide format web-to-print solution.