Project Overview

Having shopped around for a new website for his online print shop ( since 2014, owner Avedis, was becoming disenchanted with the entire process. After years of dealing with companies that over-promised and under-delivered, he decided to give Racad Tech a chance at getting the job done right. Three weeks later, the shop was up, running, and exactly what Avedis wanted!

The Challenge:
Fourth Time’s a Charm – Seeking a Web to Print Solution with Substance

The other companies offered, but they didn’t deliver. Lots of talk, no action.
– Avedis, Owner,

All talk and no action is the reality that Avedis was faced with during his hunt for a clean, user-friendly ecommerce website for his Hamilton Print Shop. With the COVID-19 pandemic looming, time was of the essence, yet no web to print company had been able to handle the job.

On three separate occasions, Avedis and his print company were burned, having to deal with:

  • Slow service- one of the providers took over 11 months to build a Magento Platform W2P site, another caused too much back-and-forth with few results
  • Technology that didn’t do what the company promised it would
  • Dated, clunky user interfaces with poor design
  • Complicated back-ends that were difficult to manage
  • Little to no integration with important plugins, or consideration for SEO
  • Poor customer service
  • Several lost deposits
  • High-priced technology

A Timeline of His Troubles

2014 – Avedis gets locked into a 3 year contract with Amazing Print and Printsites2Go. While the communication initially appears easy and the product design appears on point, soon runs into countless technical issues and a clunky system that won’t function. Unable to handle the project on their own, Amazing Print brings Printsites2go on board, leading to “too many cooks in the kitchen” and an overall confusing experience for the customer.

2017 – Honouring his contract with Amazing Print, Avedis did not make the switch to a new company for 3 years. Promising to not have the same problems other companies had, Printlinqs (now CLOUD PRINT TECH) offers to build a site that would be exactly what wanted – from scratch. Unfortunately, one year later and with communication at a grinding halt despite attempts on Avedis’s part, no functional website was ever produced.

2018 – Already frustrated with his past experiences, Avedis turns to a third company to take the web to print project on. Unfortunately, this time around, the technical challenges, difficult-to-navigate back-end, and website with little visual appeal, that working with Print Science was better then the last 2 options , but still problematic.

2020 – Racad’s Mission: Executing a Brand New Website with Web to Print Software in Under 3 Weeks

In order to exceed the client’s expectations, the team at Racad needed to be diligent. This was true not only in handling the technical aspects of the projects, but also in taking care of Avedis’ needs and ensuring that his experience would be smooth and easy. From initial contact to live and functional website, the entire process had a hard deadline of 3 weeks time.

The “during” proved to be as seamless as promised. Racad’s team delivered:

  • Lightning-speed communication, without the need for unnecessary back-and-forths- “I get a response within 10-15 minutes”
  • An honest approach, detailing exactly what the technology was capable of
  • A beautiful, clean user interface that made it easy for customers to shop online for printed materials
  • A website powered by WordPress, a familiar platform for Avedis with excellent plugin integration and SEO capabilities
  • Incredible customer service, wherein all Avedis’ questions were answered in a timely and professional manner
  • A full-scale web to print solution delivered in under 3 weeks
  • A reasonable price-point, with no hidden fees

The Outcome:
A Clean, User-Friendly Online Print Shop That Delivers on Every Promise

The difference with Racad is that they delivered what they promised. I finally feel confident with the look and feel of my website, and can start putting money towards advertising and SEO

The new website, with an added ecommerce component, has already been a great asset for Avedis. Not only is he satisfied with the look and feel, but the technology behind it has been functioning flawlessly. For the first time ever, he feels that he can finally start promoting his website through digital advertising and put money towards improving SEO.

At any time, Avedis is easily able to make content changes (eg. promoting COVID-19 signage) without the need for external help; all-the-while knowing that whenever he needs to, he is able to rely on the support of Racad’s team.

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