Project Overview

As a large organization serving corporations, nonprofits and government clients, Prime Data spent several years looking for the right file transfer software solution to meet its unique needs. The company’s Business Solutions Analyst, Allison, approached Racad Tech in hopes of finally finding a flexible, secure, and user-friendly file transfer alternative that could handle the level of work coming through its system.

Where Telus, Rogers, Helpsystems, and other software providers fell short, the Go Send Express (GoSendEx) software not only delivered what Allison was looking for, it exceeded all her expectations!

The Challenge:
A Clunky FTP Lined with Roadblocks!

We had to give up on clients using our FTP. It didn’t feel good to be forced to give up.
– Allison, Business Solutions Analyst, Prime Data

Prior to contacting Racad, Prime Data spent years on an FTP that was “giving them grief,” and progressively causing more issues for the company.

  • Onboarding was a lengthy and difficult process
  • Clients and staff experienced issues with connectivity
  • Employee clearances weren’t being recognized
  • Firewalls were denying cleared staff, causing unnecessary red tape
  • File sharing was third-party (through Dropbox), requiring an additional app for staff and clients to coordinate
  • There was no option for a branded portal
  • The scope and size of the clients meant that security was a major concern. Corporate and Governmental clients needed a safe way to transfer files, with ZERO risk of breach via shared passwords and downloaded files.
  • Overall, the user experience and user interface were clunky, dated, and poor

The Mission:
Custom-Tailor a Flexible, Agile and Secure File Sending Solution Designed to Minimize Prime Data’s Headaches!

In Allison’s words, it needed to be “smooth, simple, sleek, branded.”

After taking in the weight of the challenge, Racad’s team went to work creating a unique file transfer solution that would tackle the specific issues highlighted by Prime Data, further going above-and-beyond expectations.

This new solution would:

  • Allow CSRs and project managers to create and manage individual accounts with password-protected login information
  • Solve the security problem by replacing passwords with private, temporary links
  • Add the option of self-destructing sensitive files after 30 minutes, simultaneously de-cluttering the system and ensuring complete security
  • Strip down the User Interface, keeping it clean and simple
  • Customize the look and feel by Incorporating company branding

The Outcome:
A Stress-Free Web to Print Software for Clients and Staff

The aha moment hit Allison and her team, when somebody said “that was easy!”

With the new web to print technology in place, both clients and staff took notice immediately. Almost over night:

  • Onboarding staff and adding clients became seamless: “[CSRs and project managers] can do it while they’re on the phone with a client!”
  • File sharing and transferring, even for very large files, is a stress-free experience
  • The system is stable and problem-free, never causing unnecessary issues or denying entry to those with clearance
  • Corporate and governmental clients have peace of mind knowing that their files are safe
  • The look and feel has been elevated to a more professional level that Prime Data can feel confident using
  • Due to the added branding, the software feels proprietary and integrates seamlessly with Prime Data’s overall customer experience

On top of all the newfound benefits brought on by Racad’s GoSendExpress software, it was the top-notch customer service Allison received that made her immediately collaborate on the next project with the Racad team.

The system developer was fantastic. I can’t speak highly enough about working with him. We had a lot of fun doing this!

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