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Web to Print Workflow Management, Demystified

Customizable Web to Print Software to Match Your Production Plant

We all handle our workflows differently. Every business has its own systems and chains of command, and every project manager has their own way of triaging and prioritizing tasks. 

While good project management always involves decision making — sometimes split-second or at a moment’s notice — there are many ways to automate the process and free up time for better decision making and strategizing. Web to Print by Racad is a web-to-print software designed to fit into the ecosystem of any printing business by allowing you to customize your workflow and manufacturing process. From prioritizing tasks to recording and filtering orders, Web to Print is more than a tool; it’s an extension of the project manager’s and employees’ time and resources.

Set A Schedule Within Your Chosen Parameters

No more struggling to fit a square into a circle when you’re juggling multiple priorities. Web to Print by Racad’s Customized Assembly Line is able to shift priorities for urgent orders, automatically pivoting the schedule for print jobs to better fulfill rush orders and meet customers’ needs and expectations.

However, this doesn’t mean your workflow gets hijacked without you having any notice or say in it. The Customized Assembly Line includes many time-saving automatic features, but you ultimately have control or the process. Based on employees’ work schedules, your own priorities and the equipment available, you can set the schedule for your web to print workflow and determine how priorities are triaged. 

Optimize your Web to Print Workflow: Filter Orders Based on Job Type

Filtering your orders means being able to filter your entire web to print workflow at a glance — gone are the days of scrolling endlessly to find a single print job like a needle in a haystack. Easier filtering means you’re able to organize tasks the way you want to see them, giving you a clear overview of your workload and a bird’s eye view of all orders.

This means you’re able not only to better understand what’s required of your business and employees, but also gain a reliable overview of the demands on your resources. This can allow you to better understand what your customers want, and even help you forecast your own supply needs.

This streamlined workflow means you save resources and maintain an optimized workload. Reducing the room for confusion means reducing the room for human error, making your work less labour intensive. Work expands to fill the time allotted to it; streamlining your processes means that you can add more tasks to your workflow in order to keep your business moving efficiently. 

Include Timestamps in your Web to Print Workflow 

No more spending time trying to determine when and by whom print jobs were fulfilled. Automatic timestamps mean you have the ability to know exactly when print jobs are finished, reducing the need for independent record-keeping and external files that will become obsolete within a few months and require time to process, organize and file.

Integrates With All Computer Systems

Using what you have is the best way to save money and keep your processes efficient. Web to Print’s technology integrates with all computer systems, meaning that optimizing your workflow doesn’t involve a revamp of your system, or retraining your employees. This makes it a smoother integration into your business. Web to Print’s Customized Assembly line is powerful enough to automate the parts of your workflow that can benefit from it, and flexible enough to mold itself to your business’s needs.

Find out how Web to Print Shop’s Customized Assembly Line can supercharge your business today. Contact us to learn more.