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Print Providers: Stand Out by Delivering Added Value

In a crowded field, your web to print solution needs to deliver! Between web to print softwares, online design tools for printing, and print on demand companies, printing is an extremely crowded field that keeps increasing in value year over year. The question, therefore, is not how to make it in the printing business, but how to stand out. 

The answer, as with every industry, is to deliver added value to customers. But how? Web to Print Solutions by Racad offers you concrete advantages over your competition with valuable features which will astound your customers and keep them coming to you for all their printing needs. 

Rule-Based Editor and PDF Form Capabilities

Some clients are looking for a web to print solution to print corporate or legal materials. These clients can represent a very desirable opportunity for your business, but there’s no room for error on their part–or yours. Luckily, there’s no chance of a file transfer error with Web to Print Shop’s rules-based editor and PDF form capabilities; easy, quick and equipped with drag and drop, this feature allows customers to stick to their original plan and see it through without worrying about missing fonts or sizing issues.

By eliminating the room for error inherent in other online design tools for printing, this feature lets customers who need to adhere to strict branding or format guidelines do so in peace of mind, and it eliminates any surprises near the end of the process. It also eliminates guesswork for employees and allows them to proceed knowing that they have all the information needed and that they’re delivering exactly what the client needs. 

However, this specific web to print online designer doesn’t mean you can’t offer creativity. Clients looking for more freedom and a hands-on design experience can use the flexible HTML 5 web to print editor to get exactly the product they envisioned. Your customers get what they want, and your business gets the best of both worlds.

Multi-Location Capabilities 

Web to Print Shop’s multi-location capabilities make it easy for franchises and print networks to fulfill complicated orders. Though a customer may place their order with a location that isn’t able to fulfill it, another location with different equipment can take on the challenge and get the print product to the customer on time. With the ability to print from multiple locations and move tasks through production from end-to-end, Web to Print Shop by Racad offers seamless processing and delivery. 

And it’s not just about fulfilling orders with specialized equipment: if your client needs to pick something up from a different location, this feature allows you to see it through. The only one of its kind in the web to print industry, Web to Print’s multi-location capability is a powerful tool to leverage to give the customer what they want, when they want it, every time.

Schedule As You See Fit

Web to Print Shop by Racad is the perfect combination of automation and customization for your needs. Print jobs submitted through your storefront are automatically downloaded and scheduled upon receipt; however, the schedule is based entirely on how you set it. You’re able to set the schedule as well as triage the priority level of various tasks within our proprietary order management system, making it simple to streamline your workflow and ensuring a smooth re-order process for the client.

These are only some of Web to Print Shop by Racad’s features which, in combination, create a powerful end-to-end client experience. Don’t hesitate to find out more about how Web to Print Shop can help your business grow!

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