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Open Source Web to Print Data

Typically, when investing in a Web to Print technology, even an affordable Saas-based technology, you are buying into a system that is completely “closed” in that the only human resources that can support your technology investment is the company familiar with it. Once you decide to stop paying that support fee, or if that group disappears or stops supporting their technology, your data, your templates, order history and your time investment alone is at risk of disappearing altogether. There is virtually no-where that can accommodate your data and your product templates. The portals that house them as well also run the risk of disappearing. When you tie your open source Web to Print data / WordPress website, even if you discontinue the use of your web to print plug-in, the set up of your product catalog and information remains with you thereafter. The value goes far beyond your initial investment – and certainly further than the investment that closed systems can offer.

Again, to put things in perspective, there are certainly some things that open-source systems can not do. And you have to rely on some of the more proprietary systems out there. At that point you want to make sure you are speaking to the right people. If they are forward thinking enough, then they will have provisions for you and/or they will get their technology there eventually. But for now, those looking for the best of both worlds better do some homework.