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W2P Shop Just Released an Amazing New Tool for eCommerce Businesses!

While we make dozens of tweaks and improvements to Web to Print Shop and its associated applications every year, it’s not often we’re THIS excited about a new tool! If you’re in the eCommerce space, we truly believe this feature will revolutionize the space and improve the way you work. Let’s break down who it’s for and what it does.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Clothing and apparel shops
  • Promotional product distributors
  • Print shops
  • Anyone selling physical products online!

To get a better understanding, check out this quick demo:

Save Time, While Making Money!

Much like unloading a big box of inventory, finding the perfect spot for it on the shelves, pricing it accordingly, and adding it to the system in a retail store, the same tedious tasks apply online. These days, fashion moves fast, which means you constantly need to be adding and removing long lists of items to keep up with demand. Luckily, Web to Print Shop has a solution!

Embedding directly into your existing website, our new application works in tandem with promotional suppliers (more on this in the next section), to instantly upload your product catalog, automatically add product names, details, and descriptions to your product pages, and ultimately save time. Unlike your laundry list of tasks prior to the release of this feature, all you’ll have to worry about is picking the items and variations you want to add and pricing them in one click!

Tap Into the World’s Best Promo Product Suppliers

W2P Shop conveniently connects with your promo product suppliers of choice using the universal Promo Standards platform to automatically add product names, details, and descriptions to your product pages –  saving you countless hours better spent somewhere else. 

Among the platforms, a few favourites include: 

  • SanMar/The Authentic T-Shirt Company: A sustainable and Canadian-owned custom apparel company.
  • Debco: A promotional product catalog with hundreds of items.
  • PCNA: Another popular catalog with everything from novelty items to mobile tech.

And many, many others – giving you the flexibility to choose the platform that best fits your business, while sticking with Web to Print Shop’s reliable solutions. 

Anything but Generic Website Design

If others have given you the hard-sell on product cataloging software that’s great on paper, but looks totally generic in practice, get ready for something different! Web to Print Shop understands the importance of branding and individually, providing you with a plethora of options when it comes to eCommerce interfaces. 

You and your customers are going to love the flexibility it offers.

Ready to streamline your workday? Request a free demo today!