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Racad Tech Introduces GoPrint2 an Alternative Software for The Graphics Industry That Already Meets Security & Privacy Issues Addressed in FTC Complaint Against Dropbox

According to Wired.com, an FTC complaint filed by a prominent security researcher and Ph.D. student, Christopher Soghoian, reveals the popular online storage system called Dropbox has deceived its users about the security and encryption of its services. Dropbox has told its users that their files were encrypted so that Dropbox employees could not see the contents of user files. Additional published data on the Dropbox Blog proved that Dropbox employees can in fact see the contents of user files, putting users at risk of rogue Dropbox employees, outside organizations, and government searches.

Racad Tech’s GoPrint2, a niche competitor of Dropbox in the graphics industry, utilizes multiple measures of security to instill customer confidence. This new standard in FTP and file transfer services, ensures files are encrypted during the transfer, providing traditional secure socket layers. While other online storage companies grant their employees full access to encryption keys due to architectural choices aimed at saving money on storage space, GoPrint2 simply spends more on storage space in order to keep their promise of total security.

In addition to encryption and HTTPS protocol practices, Racad Tech has enabled users to utilize GoPrint2 technology while storing files in their own FTP and FTPS protocol. This way, users can use GoPrint2 without actually having to store files on Racad Tech servers, giving users the option of added security and peace of mind.

The GoPrint2 upload and send technology is utilized in Racad Tech’s other web-to-print technologies that cater to the graphics industry. It is used by some of the largest print chains in the world, including Kwik Kopy in Canada and Snap Printing in Australia. GoPrint2 is also commercially used in the graphics industry across the globe and recognized by OEM’s such as Xerox. It enjoys wide acceptance in countries such as Argentina and Uruguay, due to its multi-lingual interface.

“GoPrint2’s web-based solutions have given our company a value-added service that keeps us steps ahead of our competition”, says Carlos Egea, President of Tecnomax, S.A., distributor of Xerox Uruguay. “The GoPrint2 solution has also helped us maintain flexibility in security and customer loyalty by placing our branded dropbox onto our customers’ computers, facilitating their print ordering and proofing process.”

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