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Eden Advertising & Interactive and Racad Tech Inc. partner to launch cutting-edge, web-to-print website for Rainbow Printing

(Toronto, Ontario) April 19, 2017 – Eden Advertising & Interactive Inc. and Racad Tech Inc. are proud to announce the launch of joint client website project for Rainbow Printing https://rainbowprinting.ca/.

With 30 years of commercial and security printing expertise, and an established brand in Atlantic Canada, Rainbow Printing entrusted Eden & Racad to construct their new, robust, web-to-print platform.

Eden and Racad worked alongside the Rainbow Printing team, harmonizing each company’s specialties throughout the site. This balance resulted in the best in modern web design and limitless web-to-print capabilities.

Eden managed the front end of the website, developing the intuitive user-friendly interface, combining all the creative and content while keeping SEO and user-experience in mind at every stage. Racad Tech, an industry leader in web-to-print technologies, implemented customized W2P solutions and state-of-the-art e-commerce capabilities. With Racad Tech’s backend tools, users can easily customize and order their printing products through the online shopping portal.

“Rainbow Printing has been looking for partners to handle the logistics of online ordering for our Commercial and Security printing services in a secure environment, along with ease of use for our Canadian and U.S. markets,” said Grant Obermeier, Owner of Rainbow Security Technologies Ltd. “We found exactly what we needed in Eden and Racad, a combined team that built a powerful web-to-print platform that’s more than capable of handling our clientele today, and in the future as we continue to grow our markets.”

This state-of-the-art site opens new opportunities for Rainbow Printing to serve a broader Canadian clientele, as well as the lucrative American market to the south.

Check out the new website: https://rainbowprinting.ca/

Eden Advertising: www.edenadvertising.com
Eden Advertising & Interactive is a full-service advertising agency located in Toronto. Eden specializes in results-driven marketing that provides clients with optimized online and offline marketing solutions that are proven to generate maximum results.

Racad Tech: Racad Tech is an innovative leader in web-to-print solutions. Focusing exclusively on the print and graphics industry since 2001, Racad is an industry pioneer in web-to-print capabilities, with powerful, affordable print solutions, including uDraw, Web to Print Cloud, and Web to Print Shop.