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BCT Southwest launches monumental web-to-print website, powered by Racad Tech Inc. and Bloomtools™.

Powered by the proficiency of Racad Tech’s Web to Print Shop software and Bloomtools™, BCT Southwest is proud to announce the launch of its new, state of the art website: www.bctsouthwest.com.

Having provided exemplary, customer-friendly, wholesale printing services to the southwestern United States since 1981, BCT entrusted Racad Tech and Bloomtools to manufacture their brand new online ordering platform.

Given Bloomtools’ familiarity with Racad’s Web to Print Shop Solutions, Bloomtools produced an eye-catching, user-friendly front-end backed by endless web-to-print capabilities. BCT was thrilled to team with the agencies in taking the next step of their evolution. BCT is dedicated to the highest quality printing services for their customers and this launch enables them to excel even further in this department.

On the front-end, BCT Southwest can now effortlessly manage and maintain their online presence through Bloomtools’ cutting-edge toolbox of web management support. Bloomtools constructed a Smart Form, designed for product estimates: whether a customer is ordering a business card, memo pads, or a presentation folder, the Smart Form technology ensures the field options are customized to the specific product requirements.

On the back end of the site, Racad powered the online ordering and e-commerce with their Web-to-Print Cloud Technology powered by Go ePower. Customers can register accounts, making it easier to access features online.

BCT was using a combination of Racad’s ePOWER (now Web to Print Cloud) along with some older proprietary software and took a leap forward by transitioning their entire ordering system using Racad’s Cloud-based Web to Print / ePower system, making this project among the largest migrations for Racad Tech in recent years.

BCT manages multiple production facilities and multiple accounts, offering 172 different products, offering over 297 services, 2,400 sub services, and 30,000 lines of pricing,the launch of the new website was a large scale accomplishment for both BCT Southwest and Racad.

“We’ve never done anything this big; we’d only ever worked with in house programmers before” says BCT Southwest owner, Gary Matchinsky. “I was very happy with the speed and ordering portion on the back end by Racad. We look forward to continually growing our web presence through automation and improved customer experience. Both Racad and Bloomtools rose to the challenge and met our needs.”

About BCT Southwest: www.bctsouthwest.com

BCT has been proving wholesale printing services to the southwestern United States for 36 years. They have dedicated themselves to the high quality reproduction of printed good, from black raised ink business cards all the way to a full-color, tri-fold brochure with perforations and sequential numbering.

About Racad Tech: www.racadtech.com

Racad Tech is an innovative leader in web-to-print solutions. Focusing exclusively on the print and graphics industry since 2001, Racad is an industry pioneer in web-to-print capabilities, with powerful, affordable print solutions, including Web to Print Cloud, and Web to Print Shop.

About Bloomtools: www.bloomtools.ca

Founded in 2004 as a small software development house, Bloomtools later bloomed into a market leader in the web design industry. With re-sellers and franchisees all over Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Bloomtools has established itself as the standard in developing secure and customized lead-generating websites, while producing results-oriented, expert digital marketing strategies.